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Hello world! After an inspiring and head-clearing Earthdance Florida, I’ve been busy gearing up for this November. First I’ll be joining Pass the Good Entertainment in Pensacola for a monumental event that I’m honored to be a part of. This year, Floridians will be voting on two state constitutional amendments that should and can be passed. Amendement 1 promotes funding for Florida’s wilderness and natural treasures like the beaches, Everglades, springs, and more through already implemented state taxes that will be reallocated toward this great cause. Amendement 2 provides qualified Floridians the choice for alternative health options through various forms of medical cannabis. This event will be held in support of both amendements on November 4th following the closing of the voting polls with results being played throughout the venue…how awesome is that?!

After a couple weeks rest, I’ll be hoping on the Spoiled Nation tour with ThazDope Records! I could not be more pumped to be joining these guys after the year they’ve been having. I’ll be hoping on the Southeast leg of the tour with stops in Miami, Tampa, Tallahassee, Mobile, Lafayette, and finishing in Pensacola at the picturesque campground/venue Hadji Shrine. I’ve got a ton of treats for you all that I can’t wait to share! So stoked to get back on the road to see you all! Much Love!!


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