New EP “Simple Accumulation” out now!

The wait is over! The 2nd EP from Lumagrove, “Simple Accumulation”, is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD via Soundcloud and Bandcamp! The album features 5 brand new tracks and a special solfeggio-frequence meditation song. The album is loaded with new collaborations from a slew of talented people on multiple mediums. Visit the photos section for pictures of all of the amazing art that was created in collaboration with this album as well. Six talented artists were asked to listen to the album and create their own interpretations of the music and some wonderful art came out of it.

In celebration of the new release, there will be FREE copies of the album tomorrow night at the show in Orlando. The show is part of the Purple Hatter’s Ball pre-party series and features good friends Sir Charles and Greenhouse Lounge. We want to see all of your smiling faces there tomorrow getting down with us!

It took a lot of work to finally make it to this point but I could not be any more excited to share this new album with you all. It took a team of people to make this a reality and my gratitude to you all is immeasurable. To all the musicians, artists, producers, managers, friends and family that were involved, I can’t thank you enough. I will try my best to remember everyone but a huge, giant thank you to the following people:

Max Zargon, Jesse Knupp, Ellie Rodriguez, Adam Rowdy, Charles Weinert, Nina Entine, Nicolas Bogdal, Tori Hambleton, Lexi Wilson, Ryan Sullivan, Josh Hamby, Austin Rolo, Trey Hebron, Garrett Llopz, Alex Benson, Nate Pasos, Katrina Valentine, Maxx McInerney, and to anyone that’s ever booked us, played with us, housed us, listened to us or shared the music the anyone.



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