Headin’ Down South

Howdy! We have had an amazing past couple of days playing for you all. Big thanks to everyone who came out. And a huge thanks to Arpetrio for coming down and raging with us. Definitely check them out if they’re anywhere near you. Up next we’re headin’ down south. Since we’re already pretty deep in the south, that means you South Florida! We’ll be at the Poor House July 28th for the B.E. Easy Music Festival After Show in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s a great festival supporting scholarships for underprivileged children with some awesome southeastern acts like Aquaphonics, Lucky Costello, Funky Nuggets, and Crazy Fingers. For more info, check out the link below. See you soon!



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  1. lost my wallet twice

    i was has a really messed up week and a few friends decide that i needed some cheering up a bit , we make our to poor house for a few drinks and but i couldn’t but jam out to the tunes that were coming from the stage. after few songs my super gloomy mood had gone and came to conclusion that i’m kinda free from all the crap i to carry around with me( mostly a reminder of my debit to the banks). even if its just for a days i’m free. thank you for what you do lumagrove for reminding me what happiness is!

    • That is amazing! We are truly honored and extremely humbled by this story. This is why we started doing what we do. We wanted to express the feelings and positivity that music has had on us and help others feel the same and this is a perfect anecdote. Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is truly moving for us

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